Friday, January 2, 2009

Going Places...

I accidentally left the TV on during the night and woke up at 3am to this amazingly beautiful song, I don't know what they're saying in most of it as it's in German, but I can't have enough of it...

Well needless to say that I repeated the same process the next couple of nights, and I did not wake up to the same song but woke up in both nights to another beautiful song by the same singer:

I'll definitely keep my eyes on Xavier Naidoo, Cassandra Steen and Söhne Mannheims.

Amazing what our minds can do, where they can lead us even when we are not supposed to be "there"...

You can go places and stay still, these are the sounds that can take you there!!!


  1. Beautifull songs... maybe we can get the tanslation of the lyric's that sound to be wonderfull....

  2. Thanks Nidia, yes I managed to have Eykis do the honours and translate it for us... Here it is and the meaning as we suspected is just as beautiful as the song itself... The first one: "Das Hat Die Welt Noch Nicht Gesehen"

    “That the world has not yet seen”

    Tell me have you seen this
    How they laugh while they go
    Some people are so beautiful
    Inside and out
    They pamper your senses
    And make you addicted to the love you know
    So you run to them again and again

    This love is real
    Tormenting real
    Suffering doesn’t matter
    If love burns for you
    However it being as good as it is
    The human being only learns if he eats shit
    (eat shit - that’s exactly what they say, but we can get the sence of it, right?)
    Otherwise, he doesn’t mature
    He knows nothing
    I still know nothing
    When is the deadline over?

    That the world has not yet seen
    Nevertheless, love is beautiful
    It’s invisible and however there

    Joy and sorrow all together
    Yes, you catch the life not only truth
    Because with our heart we are blind
    Who from us is really like a child?
    Open to all like the wind
    Like rain brings the sea
    It is free and willing
    Give me a suitcase for my heart
    It’s infinitely more worth
    You can take it with you, when you go,
    And you carry it from the beginning till the end
    And then bring it back unscathed.

    I run mostly in danger of forgetting
    How beautiful life used to be
    With you from the beginning till the end of my time
    We love life and are ready for it

    We all throw shadows on the nearest highlights
    Don’t let yourself shattered and don’t fear
    Before that, what comes there
    Before that, what you feel
    Before that, what you love

    That the world has not yet seen…

    Love is unseen
    Love is your dream
    But love is no dream
    Love is so real
    Even though its unseen
    Love is the best feeling I ever had
    You and me, this cherished love
    Love keeps me warm
    Love keeps you warm
    Love is something you have to cherish

  3. Thanks Lucia and Eikys for the translation.
    It something...

  4. Ok and now the lyrics of the second song: “Wann”


    When will life begin,
    Where can I live with you?
    When does our golden time begin?
    I hear my soul scream!

    Do not believe the reports,
    Wrong stories.
    The truth is:
    They want to destroy us,
    For a long time they fostered this plan,
    But my love for you is much stronger than that.
    They want it,
    But they can’t do it,
    Our love breaks their weapon

    When will life begin,
    Where can I live with you?
    When does our golden time begin?
    I hear my soul scream!

    The burden will be relieved
    One breath long.
    We continue to declare ourselves,
    The fight goes on.
    Our hearts get a blown each day
    For only that,
    That none may believe otherwise.

    They will not deny us
    And they won’t destroy us.
    Once we’ll report of our victories,
    From large triumphs they will hear.
    This love is inspired.
    Generations will lead through the emptiness.
    And then apply for others
    Their souls will be touched

    You affected me and
    You blessed me.
    I was led and
    I meet you.
    The dream accompanied us,
    Feelings protect.
    Our world will never fail,
    We knew it.